Hoop Tidbits

PBA 34th Season kicks-off!

Chris Ross is PBL top pick.

Hapee to enforce ADMU Players

DLSU accuses ADMU of being harsh during the bonfire

Ex-pro Rudy Distrito commited suicide?

Answer: Good thing this wasn’t happened

Sudan Daniel is new SBC Import

  1. Mateo V. Adao headed to coach Colegio de San Juan de Letran right after Mr. Fajardo. Larry Albano & Dick Marquez was among his Senior players.

    His Son,
    I was even the Knights mascot then.

  2. F.Y.I.

    Mateo Adao once headed the Letran Knights after Mr. Fajardo. You do not have them in your records. I was even the mascot of the school team during those times. Larry Albano & Dick Marquez was among his players during those years.

    His Son

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    • pepman
    • October 23rd, 2008

    Boboy, are you a PExer?

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