What happened to TnT Tropang Texters??? (The TnT Curse)


by Jose Antonio A. Conde

Now the Talk n’ Text Tropang Texters are having problems on their team aside from troubles on their stars and their rookies and unexpectedly, the management.

Big, big problem is now on the team. First, they started to slow down as they show their weaknesses and losing ways today.

But, a few months ago, TnT was a way, way, very powerful and dominant. To prove, they have drafted some perennial rookies like Rob Reyes (who was one of the top prospects), Jared Dillinger (same as Rob Reyes), and 2008 PBL MVP Jason Castro. Due to this, they were ranked by some PBA analysts #1. As they start the season, new season, new luck was there by upsetting the Coca-Cola Tigers and Air21 Express to show their dominance.

An upset by Sta. Lucia and San Miguel started to slow down. But they came back by blowing the top-team Alaska Aces with the arrival of Ali Peek who was injured during their first few games. Now they were expected to come back. But they were stilll going down as they were slumped by the teams such as Rain or Shine, Red Bull, and recently, the Purefoods. Some of them are close games.

The problem with them is that they score too much and do have foul troubles. They more rely on Mark Cardona who scores about 30-40 points every game, win or lose. I think their system is inbalanced. Also, Rob Reyes is also having troubles with the team.

This curse is actually started by Derrick Pumaren. First, he traded Asi Taulava to Coca-Cola for Ali Peek. Now, TnT, without Asi, started to struggle.

Talk 'N Text Tropang Texters Logo

I am a big fan of this since this early October but their losses paved my way out of the team. I’d now pick San Miguel rather than that slumped team. I t

hink they are the most overrated and overachieved team in the PBA today. No offense to MVP, Ricky Vargas, Frankie Lim, the team, and the fans.

I suggest to get back Asi Taulava for Rob Reyes , get back J-wash for Yancy de Ocampo, fire Chot Reyes and look for a new coach. My only possible replacement for the team is Joel Banal.
Now this team is not the team most PBA teams are looking for.

Just a footnote: I saw Virgil Villavicencio in the TnT coaching sta


    • rena121496
    • November 9th, 2008

    Baka next week pa ako magkaron ng bagong post…
    Dito Alexis house!!!

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