What’s With Red Bull? (The Red Bull Curse)

by Jose Antonio A. Conde

Today, the Red Bull Barako team seems to be very weak. For the record, they are 3-9 in the standings placing last. Most Red Bull fans were very sad about the team’s status now especially they’re on a horrible path and I was very sad about this as a sportswriter. I think this is a curse.

Now, RB fans, do you want to know why are your favorite team is slumping down. Now, here’s why, prior to this conference, Red Bull was a strong team in the PBA, it even had 7 consecutive semifinals apparences (which is likely going to end this conference) from 2005 Fiesta Conference to last year’s Fiesta Conference because of the arrival of new assistant coaches of Yeng Guiao: Gelacio Abanilla and Rudolph Hines (although he assisted Guiao from 2001 to 2003). Before getting Abanilla, who was the Pumaren’s right hand then, RB was also at this situation. To overcome, Antonio Chua fired Pong Amador and Jojo Villapando.

Back to topic, during their run, they had excellent players such as Lordy Tugade, Enrico Villanueva, Larry Fonacier, Mick Pennisi, Junthy Valenzuela, and Cyrus Baguio. Also, they won a championship during the 2005-06 Fiesta Conference during that run. They also had excellent imports such as Earl Barron, Quemont Greer, James Penny, Adam Parada, and Darlon Johnson.

After the 2007-08 season, RB traded their only original player Mick Pennisi to SMB which made Michael Hrabak very happy. Losing Mick made them NR as they got a smaller forward by the name of Gabriel Espinas from PCU (2004 NCAA MVP).

But the trade made RB very horrible, first, they are losing. Now I want RB to win games. I wish them to go back to the semis. I’m very concerned to them. RB, please get back Pennissi. Or please, adopt a new system don’t rely more on Sharma, Espinas, Baguio, and Rodriguez. Give others chance. I thought this a balanced team. So please prove it.

Another reason of the Curse, maybe Yeng Guiao was busy with the RP5. We all know that Guiao is the newest RP5 coach and maybe he relies more on the RP5 rather than his RB boys. See, I oftentimes see Gee Abanilla mentoring them.

Negative prediction: I see Abanilla and Hines losing their jobs just like what happened to Amador and Villapando. Expect another new set of assistant. Sorry RB fans for being biased.

So good luck to them and win!

    • rena121496
    • December 12th, 2008

    Ton, may bago din ako post!!!

    Musta exams???

    Parang kanina lng sinabi yung scores ah!!! Hahaha

    Eh entrance exam mo musta???

    Balitaan mo ako ha kung ano nangyari sa entrance exams mo…

    Bye… Thanx!!!

    • pepman
    • December 12th, 2008

    Ah… Ok.

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