Expressing Allado

Don Carlos Allado comes to Air21 after having a stint with TnT from 2006 to 2008. He moved to Air21 last December 17 after the trade that pushed Ranidel de Ocampo to TnT.

Air21 is sad getting away with Ranidel. But they will just start to move on and rely on Ranidel’s former backups JR Quinahan and Doug Kramer.

Allado, the 1998-1999 UAAP MVP from DLSU is originally from Alaska. He was the leader of  the Aces’ team core during the early 2000’s along with Ali Peek. But when he went to TnT, he was just oftentimes used although he was an excellent 3-pt. shooter and also, his stats has moved up.

But in Air21, he was just used sparingly. I hope he could be the same Al

lado everyone knew unlike going to the bench due to age like Victor Pablo of Ginebra, who’s by the way now retired. His number with Air21 is #41.

Best Wishes for Air21 and good luck!

Merry Christmas.

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