by Jose Antonio A. Conde


What’s in a scout? It can teach us good moral values and traits. As our school interprets that, last January 29 and 30, our school had its own annual camping.

As usual, we would start the day becoming responsible by doing some neither props or “team banners”. Creativity is the path during that time.  Aside from showing our skills on arts, we would also share our talents by becoming quick and smart. We should follow our good and moral patrol leaders.

At night, a talent show was helded, six groups made their best on dancing different kinds of music and on how to act like a movie actor. Furthermore, that night for every student was really amazing.

By the way, here are the awardees for the respective groups:


Pepeton Conde: Model Scout of the Year

Best in Commercial

Best in Knot Tying

3rd Place- Dancing Contest


2nd Place- Dancing Contest

Victor Gusi: Best Assistant Leader of the Year


1st Place- Dancing Contest

Best in Patrol Making

Best Overall Patrol

Juan Rafael Tambongco: Patrol Leader of the Year

Attention! Let’s remember that every citizen should be good models.

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