Let’s Get Physical! (Version 1.5)

by Jose Antonio A. Conde

Definitely, we should have a good life. Yet let’s give it a brief time to make out lives balanced. How? By having good excercise. Some of the things that we do during exercise time, let’s say push-up, jumping jacks, and using some equipment like hula hoops, sports balls, and sticks. Those things are called Calisthenics.

Calisthenics form a category of physical exercises closely related to, but not a part of, gymnastics. The name of the discipline is Greek in origin, a combination of the words kalos, ‘beautiful’ and sthénos, ’strength’. Well, indeed, that’s calisthenics.

Different countries have different kinds of  their set of caltisthenics. Most notably, excercise is involved. Anything about it. From running to jumping to stretching. Calisthenics also use some equipments like hula hoop, flags, towel, and others.

In celebration to our 23rd Foundation Day, all the students of the WEFI are going to demonstrate some of the things we do during excercise time. Here’s a brief list on what my fellow students are going to use:

Prepratory- Ring

Multilevel 1 and 2-

Flags Grade 1- Stick

Grade 2- Balls

Grade 3- Ribbon

Grade 4 and 5- Pompoms

Grade 6- Hula Hoop

Expect those would be fantastic. Ditto with the steps and the amazing music! Yet they are long, they are amazing, baby! Actually, each levels have their own banner, and also their own presentation. As today, I am here to present to you the winners for the Field Demonstration:

Best Banner- Pre-School (Colorful!)

Best Presentation- Grade 4 and 5 (Pompoms)

2nd: Grade 6

3rd: Grade 2

Well, I guess some of my schoolmates are tired doing this.  But doing this is really amazing and makes every person active and happy. So, come on, let’s get physical! Indeed!

  1. i remember getting thru all that during grade school. saying hi from ssc!

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