It’s new day shining into our lives, and so as I am. It’s like June to me now, because this would be my first time to enter my future school, the Operation Brotherhood Montessori Corporation, Greenhills Branch. 2 hectic weeks of struggles and happiness, I love studying here!

Haha, it all started when I see a hundred of strangers, then came the CAT people and the flag ceremony (Which happens eveyday.). Hooo hah! That’s how CAT people shout, they’re like cheering, because they train everyday under Mr. Dela Pena or sometimes, Mr. J.M Capistrano. CAT, by the way, is the High School version of the usual Boy Scout and Girl Scout.

Now back to the topic, I went there as a virtually unknown student. Then came introductions, I saw some classmates (We’re actually mix, there are 24 incoming 1st yr. students, 3 2nd yr. students, and a 3rd yr. student, all came from other schools. And some will study in Greenhills -including me- then some from Sta. Ana).

By the way, my first friend is Marlon Mandane, the one who has shaved his hair lately, then came Charles, Roy, the 2 Joshuas, then some girls such as Alyssa and Micah (OT: She called me hamon -Tagalog term for Ham, a food-, funy though 🙂 ).

Then came touring some of the facilities, and yeah, they’re beautiful. And here’s more decent about the school, the students usually shake hands when they greet someone. After those, there are some orientations, lessons and seatworks of the respective subjects. By the way, our subjects include TLE, Math, Language, Cultural Arts, and Leadership Training (The CAT).

Our teachers include Mrs. Ruth Dotimas, Mrs. Ellen Suva, Mrs. Charmaine Apo, and Mr. Capistrano. My favorite here is Mr. Capistrano, he’s strict but funny, ditto with his green jokes.

And yeah, this experience is overwhelming, infact I even admired some girls (I’ll never tell!). Haha, just kidding, it’s really good. Hanggang sa June na lang! Miss you guys!

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  1. June 20th, 2009

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