by Jose Antonio A. Conde

In an arena, you can mix pressure and intensity among the people going there, but how about scheduling a show and a game, can you do that at the same time?

Recently, the Pepsi Center are having a schedule conflict between WWE and the NBA, who are having their respective events at the same date, but different times. NBA has Denver-LA West final Game 4 at 7pm, while WWE has its own SmackDown show at 6pm, and this so confusing. We all know that Denver are just Playoff losers during this decade, but just succeeded just this season to reaching higher hopes, and so WWE accidentally scheduled that event. But the NBA did not already rescheaduled that since it that would be permanent, and the trouble started.

Let’s see who will take over the sked. Maybe I have one concept, what if the WWE ring is placed in the Nuggets center court? Innovative right? How about the entrace? Pls. do the old style and let’s look at the outcome. Oh well, that’s life

  1. May 20th, 2009
  2. May 21st, 2009
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