TV Captions

Some Screencaps from Yesterday's game

by Jose Antonio A. Conde

The winngiest franchise in PBL history has come! Oracle won the PBL PG-Flex Unity Cup over the rising force of Pharex, with a final score of 82-69, in the Ynares Sports Arena, in Kapitolyo, Pasig City, to end a thrilling series in 5 classic games.

Barroca and Mairehofer contributed a lot of shots, despite Pharex making some almost big runs in the second hal f of the crucial game. But apparently, the Titans still stopped them when they had their own version of run, which lasted not once, but twice. For rookie coach Glenn Capacio of FEU, he feels very pressured at the start of the conference and felt like he’s the happiest person today.

For Oracle, this is their seventh-straight title, making a history that would be never erased, with a doubt. Throughout the years, they have faced challenges, from roster changes to records, still, they have gone up, which started in 2006 when they defeated the powerhouse of Toyota with Joe DeVance leading the way, and the rest is jundoubtedly a history.


ORACLE 82- M. Barroca 21, R. Mairehofer 17, B. Fernandez 13, C. Timberlake 8, M. Baracael 7, J.R Cawaling 5, A. Ramos 5, E. Asoro 4, Labagala 2, J. Nocom 0, J. Gaco 0.

PHAREX 69-R. Matias 21, A. Gerilla 14, C. Ross 10, Saladaga 8, F. Allera 7, S. Co 4, D. Villamin 3, J. Melegrito 2, R. Aguilar 0, M. Canlas 0, B. Faundo 0, C. Bauzon , J. Urbiztondo 0

QUARTER SCORES: 20-8; 36-26; 59-43; 82-69.


BONUS: Here’s some footages from the championship.

Part 1

Some problems, but we’ll fix it in days.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

    • labason roots clanZN
    • June 5th, 2009

    regards and our warm wishes to our dear victorious known relative mark barroca….CONGRATULATIONS……….from youir uncle boboybarroca folgo

  1. June 20th, 2009

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