by JA Conde

MANILA- Definitely one of the most respected showbiz personalities we have ever seen, Douglas Quijano has now laid in rest last Saturday at 10 A.M in his Batangas home due to a heart attack.

Last Friday, he was freezing as cold as he can chill, but apparently he and his friend went to the hospital to see what happened to Quijano, but he did not opted to rest there and instead rest at his Batangas home with air-con, but one sleepy Saturday morning, his friend, together with some nurses, woke him up but he did not responded, as his feet began to become violetish, due to the blood which has stopped flowing, and his life is beginning to end, as he died.

Quijano, 64, started showbiz in the late 60’s as a writer/columnist and also paved way for some other moguls like Lolit Solis. Later, he became a popular employee of Regal Films, from being a line producer to an executive producer of some Regal shows like Palibhasa Lalake, Regal Shockers, Maricel Regal Drama Special, and others, and he even convinced ABS-CBN to be their TV partner, which lasted for 2 decades, and even managed to brought in his talents in Regal such as Carmina Villaorel, Gelli and Janice De Belen, John Estrada, Jomari and Anjo Yllana, and Richard Gomez, who have still trusted him up to his last moment.His other talents include Nadia Montenegro and Richard Gutierrez. And the rest is history.

And his trust to his talents, like whatever problem, he can fix it as long as he can, to him, there are no fights and bad encounters that would happen. His remains will be seen at Heritage Park in Taguig.

  1. June 20th, 2009

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