by Jose Antonio A. Conde

Try interpreting the term summer, wondering and thinking about it, what in the world is that? Hmm…Summer? Okay then, so Summer is something very special to some people, like me and you, every people I guess.

Usually, summers are somehow very exciting and adventurous, let’s say you went to the beach, then have some fun there, and also do anything you want as long as you can do it for sake. Throughout the years, my summer has been very amazing, why because of arousing travel adventures around the world. But this year’s summer seems to be very different, as we say. You have to think why is that different, well because of some random bad happenings we are having. For the first time, I have never been to any beach since 2002, while my father spent going to the beach twice, with his office mates. Unfair.

Oh well, my summer has been always at home, surfing the net or sometimes, doing some architect whatever, I was like drawing some of my own concepts such as houses, uniforms, and yes, even shoes, dang! Or sometimes, I would be visible at malls or somehow, appointments, making it some kind of alternatives for some beautiful beaches, yeah!

Well, if my summer would be bad, then there would be even worst, there were about a bunch of news that evolved my summer, which even made me mesmerized about our world,wanna list it? From the outrageous AH1N1 Flu (which was first known as Swine Flu) which grew so rapidly and the world was shocked and got tensed, so shocked some of them were even affected on it, somehow our country has the most updated cases in the Southeast Asia, which some of them are just “mild cases”.

Another set of news (Wow, lookin’ like a reporter)that invaded our country is the Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili scandal, so many theories to tell and some people involved, from Erik Chua to Princess Velasco to Bistek Del Rosario and to Dr. Vicky Belo, and some women were even involved like Maricar Reyes, Ruffa Mae Quinto, and Bea Alonzo, Therefore, this must be a massacare! Wanna dance again? Earlier, Ted Failon had some trouble with personal problems involving her wife–who suicided herself during one silent day of  April 15,  but he just recently survived over it, eveng manage to have a comeback just this past Monday via TV Patrol World. And yeah, who can ever forget of people dying during my three-month break with the likes of Chuck Daly, Wayman Tisdale, Exodus Tyson, Trina Etong and Douglas Quijano, how sad. And who could ever foget this summer’s winners, from Direk Brillante Mendoza, Oracle Titans, UNC Tar Heels, Los Angles Lakers, Rubilen Amit, Manny Pacquiao and our very own, Team Pilipinas, wow!

In speaking of sprawling headlines, I also went into a new environment, yes a new environment in my life, which is actually entering a new school, my goodness! That experience was really amazing, even managed to meet new friends and buddies to rely on to. And guess what, I even got crushes on that school, some are hot, some are not. But totally, I was happy in a new environment.

Although it was a different summer that I have, not only me, but the entire world, due to random scenes that has happened during these past months, but I would still feel happy, even if I had not been to the beach. Oh well, how about you? Are you happy now?

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