by Jose Antonio A. Conde

Say what?! School’s back! And most people would usually feel pressured, but yours truly felt the vice versa one (Just 50/50 FYI). Last Monday, June 22, my school, OB Montessori Greenhills, kicked off their school year with a big bang! And this was a happy day for me! And as a columnist, I am going to tell you some a series of stories. Now? Let’s do it!

Okay, so when I first entered there, I felt something pressured, wondering that something might happened the same as my WEFI days, but it turned out to be vice versa, so the very first person that I met is Derrick, one of my buddies who are one of my classmates that have been loyal to OB for several years (I wonder if I studided grade school there, dang!)  and he introduced Enrique, Akihiro, Rafael, and Jason (Who’s name is actually Chang Woo), and yes, at that time I can’t still remember their names. Like obviously, it’s first day, it’s just the foundation to friendship. And yeah, I went to Alyza’s place (my summer classmate, FYI) and became her seatmate for a couple of hours. And so the rest is there.

Mrs. Jeanette Fecundo became our adviser and so I was having difficulty in dealing with sweat and air-con, dang it sucks knowing myself that I’m a very sweaty person, uurgh! Oh well, I was owned by Mrs. Fecudo, so owned, I just instead stuck into my chair, and always sweat. Alright, so the classes started, I saw some of my former schoolmates from grade school just seeking something nostalgic!

And so we went to the Maria Montessori Hall which is a gym which is one of a kind, and all HS students had their orientation (and so as I) with Mrs. Duran, our HS principal. Somehow, there was a blopper which made me piss a lot, it’s like this, one of the higher level students made a mistake during the time he was doing the Panatang Makabayan, even Coach Sangco corrected him and the principal was disappointed. And after the flag ceremony, some random thoughts about the teachers of the entire department, having a total of 37 Greenhills HS teachers and a total of 91 in all branches (GH, Sta. Ana, Angeles, and Las Pinas). Oh well, Mr. Dela Pena of CAT made a prank by going into the unusual exit place, this must be very funny I guess.

And so as time flies, perhaps this must be the main event (Wait! What did I say?!), wanna know it now? Alright, so this is unusual or somehow, rare:  For some students, first day seems to be a new era for them, and yet they’re still finding for the right person to deal with, but to me, first day seems unusual to me, why? In my class, I became famous because of a simple, wanna know what it is? A locker. Long story. Here’s my take: One lunch, I was about to open my locker, then I got difficulty in opening it, and some of my classmates began to go outside just to see what’s going on me, and so I found a help from my American friend named Rodge and taught me the correct way to unlock the locker, well my code is correct, but I guess I just failed to manage it properly. Thanks man!!!And so after a sweaty struggle on unlocking the locker for almost half-an-hour, most of my classmates gave me a funny appreaction which made me happier to be in OB.

And I guess I’ll wrap this up yet it was a very happy day, to me. Cheers!!!

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