Music great and “The King of Pop” Michael Jackson died last Thursday afternoon in the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California due to Cardiac arrest and heart attcak, although there is still no official reason why he died, despite the LA Police are still investigating it.

Jackson, 50, debuted into the music scene via The Jackson 5 at age 4, later came out of the Jackson 5’s shadows at age 14, via the single “Ben”, which won the Best Song Award from the Golden Globe, and the rest is history, Jackson would later came back in 1979 and later emerged into one of the music’s most popular singers, even managed to have a few #1 Billboard hits like “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”, “Thriller”, and “Bad”.

But his private life made him very controversial, he was oftentimes accused of rape and child abuse, inwhich he was “not guilty” of those. And due to this problems, he had many issues about other things that revovled around him, from money to record labels, and even the rights for all of his songs.

And he even married Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of another music great Elvis Presley, but later seperated in 1996, a few months later, he married nurse Deborah Jean Rove, whom he fathered 2 kids in Michael Joseph Jr. and Paris Michael Katherine, they later divorced in 1999. In 2002, he had another son in Prince Michael Jackson II from an unknown female whom he brought his son into the public during that November, the same year.

Despite his life is full of failure lately, he is known better to be a great musician, aside from Presley, who revolutionized the term “music”


  1. I loved his music. His videos for the songs can be watched over and over. “Smooth Criminal” is my favorite video and a must see.

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