Now that the NBA draft is done, yet I wasn’t updated lately due to busy schedule, here’s a series of traded made by several teams:

1. The Orlando Magic traded Rafer Alston and the rising Courtney Lee (who was Japeth Aguilar’s former teammate at WKU) to the New Jersey Nets. In return, Magic got hometown hero Vince Carter from the said team.
2. Shaquille ‘O Neal moved to the Cleveland Cavaliers from Phoenix Suns for Ben Wallace, Sasha Pavlovic, and a draft pick.
3. Richard Jefferson moved to the San Antonio Spurs from Milwaukee Bucks for Bruce Bowen, Kurt Thomas, and Fabricio Oberto.
4. Quentin Richardson moved to Memphis Grizzlies (from NYK) for Darko Milcic. A few hours later, Q-Rich moved back to his original team, the Los Angeles Clippers, for Zach Randolph.
6. Detroit Pistons acquired Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon from Milwaukee and Chicago respecitively.
7. Hedo Turkoglu moved to Toronto Raptors.
8. Ron Artest meets his biggest on-court rival as he was traded to the defending champion Lakers for Trevor Ariza (from Houston).

So many trades galore! Does this remind you of the 2007-08 trade galore? I guess.

    • Pepeton
    • November 30th, 2009

    Quentin Richardson is now with the Heat,but anyway thanks

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