by JAC

Yes. It’s true, in the succeeding days of July, two of the most popular basketball personalities in the world will visit our country and they are Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra and LA Lakers’ superstar and recently the NBA finals MVP Kobe Bryant.

Bryant, now 32, has won a title with the Lakers recently last June, and has previously been here in 1998 and 2007. This 2009 tour is sponsored by Nike, and it will happen on July 21, although there are still no official updates, just keep updated here instead.

Spoelstra, 38, in the other hand has held several positions at the Miami Heat franchise since 1995 until taking over as its head tactician after an aging and sluggish Pat Riley wrapped up his NBA coaching career. This would be his second visit here since his first few years of life, he will be accompanied by a WNBA legend who’s name has still yet confirmed although there are rumors that Cynthia Cooper will come here. Spoelstra’s purpose is to do a series of basketball clinics , he will also visit his hometown as his family will throw a party, and his last stop will be in Zamboanga. His tour will exist from July 25-29.

And that’s it! Get excited basketball fans and cheers for them!

  1. i never went to a kobe bryant visit here in the country. maybe i should do it NOW!

  2. kobe fan here. *waves* 😀

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