One silent morning of July 8, 2009 in the Philippines seems to be very unusual, as most Filipinos were awaken just to watch something, something very historical and nostalgic to see, and it was actually the memorial service of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, which was staged at the Staples Center last Tuesday morning.

As we see it, most of the Jackson family were there, and had their own memorial service at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park at Hollywood Hills, California, and later moved to Staples Center as thousands saw a glimpse of the King of Pop before a concert was held live at the said center, thanks to the organizer of Jackson’s comeback concert, AEG Live, and the concert was very fruitful and worth remembering! (FYI, his casket was custom-made which costs $25,000. That casket is called “Promethean”.)

And so here are the highlights:

1) We have seen some performances of Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz who covered one of Jackson 5’s earliest hit song “I’ll Be There” (In which Carey covered seventeen years ago, and even managed to be #1 in the Billboard while doing the version).

2) Some of Michael’s most important friends began to appear, from LA Laker greats Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson talking about him being a humanitarian, Pastor Lucious Smith talked about his life and has defended him from Jackson’s latest sexual accusations, Martin Luther King’s kids talking about his life again, and Brooke Shields also talked about Jackson, who according to her, is a good friend.

3) Well there are also some music personalities, aside from Carey and Lorenz, also paid tribute, there is Usher (he even cried), Stevie Wonder, Queen Latifah, Lionel Richie, and yes, even Jennifer Hudson.

4) Of course, who could ever forget his family? One of the most heart-warming moments of that service is that Paris Katherine Jackson mader her first public appearance and told everyone that Jackson was a great “father” to her and really loves his father, some of his siblings even made statements, and one of them, Jermaine, made a rendition of MJ’s favorite “Smile”, which was popularized by comedian Charlie Chaplin.

5) And the main event, the service is not that great without some montages of his videos and his home, Neverland. Also, the ending was really amazing, thanks to the song “Heal the World” and “Man in the Mirror”, which are some of MJ’s well-known songs which are mainly about brotherhood and peace.

And this wrapped up a peaceful one.

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