by JA Conde

Bravo Baste! Jimbo Aquino and Calvin Abueva helped the San Sebastian Stags win aonther NCAA title for the first time in seven years, and they have done this by knocking out the three-time defending champions San Beda Red Lions, with a score of 76-61 at the Araneta Coliseum last October 24.

For rookie coach Ato Agustin, this victory was sweet as he steered the Stags to 15 straight victories in the NCAA. Now rising from mediocrity, they were also considered as the Pre-season favorites with new recruit Calvin Abueva on their side.  Nobody has expected the Stags to do this, even San Beda was pretty impressed with their improvement.

Finals MVP is senior player Jimbo Aquino.

NCAA UPDATE: San Beda and JRU’s Sudan Daniel and John Wilson won the ROY and MVP respecitvely. On the other hand, the San Beda Red Cubs won their last title with Ato Badolato as they defeated the Tampus-led Letran Squires last Thursday at the Flying V-Fil Oil Arena in San Juan. Badolato will focus his duties as a full-time athletic director of San Beda by 2010, he took over the Red Cubs in 1972, spanning 2 generations.

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