Veteran actor Johnny Delgado has already joined our creator last Thursday at 1:20 in the afternoon in his house. He died due to the lymphatic cancer, in which he lost his battle after 2 years of enduring hardwork to beat the said disease.

Delgado, whose real name is Juan Marasigan Feleo was born on February 29, 1948 to film director Ben Feleo and educator Victorina Marasigan. He is survived by wife film maker and actress Laurice Guillen along with his 2 daughters:actress Ina Feleo and theater actress Ana Feleo.

He started in the showbiz in the late 60’s before revolving as one of the greatest showbiz actors in the Philippines, with award-winning performances from movies like Tanging Yaman. He was also a member of the “Bad Bananas” which dominated the TV sets in the 1980s via the show “Goin’ Bananas” which was aired on ABS-CBN.

He will be remembered by everyone as his acting prowess will never be forgotten.

    • xandrites
    • November 22nd, 2009

    johnny delgado is the one of the few movie actors i’ve known who commands respect. he is one of the best if not the best. KUDOS to you Mr Johnny Delgado. You will be remembered. May GOD shower you his blessings while you’re on your way to HIS kingdom.

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