ASAP: 15 years ago and 15 years later. Courtesy of ABS-CBN.(Center) First episode of A.S.A.P from Feb. 5, 1995 {L-R} Ariel Rivera, Pops Fernandez, Dayanara Torres, and Martin Nievera; (Left) First logo of ASAP {1995-1998};  (Right) 15 years later. Courtesy of ABS-CBN.

This is my tribute to Sunday’s best noontime show, ASAP.


February 5, 1995 was the date Sunday noontime television changed forever. 4 hosts from different backgrounds debuted the show with a bang, as they never knew, they would have succeeded the rival show.

Talk about the King and Queen of Concerts, the Kilabot ng mga Kolehiyala, and the 1993 Miss Universe in one show? Possible, with their perfect on-scene chemistry, it made the show unstoppable in any aspect——ratings games, etc.

Now on their 15th anniversary, this show continues to show world-class talents and futuristic numbers as this show has literally evolved. Today in my article, I am gong to tell you how this show was carefully planned and their journey from an upstart show to Sunday’s best noontime show——–ASAP.

January 21, 1995 was a sad day for the Lopezes (the owners of ABS-CBN), as they lost one of their biggest programs to rival network GMA, as Eat Bulaga! along with Okay Ka Fairy Ko! moved to that said station due to the fact that ABS-CBN wanted to buy the TAPE programs the year before. Problem is, ABS-CBN had to think on how to resolve this, and they thought of putting the then-Sunday noontime show Sa Linggo nAPO Sila to Weekdays, as the Sunday noontime show became vacant.

Johnny Manahan, who was at that time a director for some ABS-CBN shows and one of the top executives of the Star Circle (now Star Magic) thought of a high-class noontime show, ala Student Canteen, and that’s how A.S.A.P or All-Star Afternoon Party was started.

Debuted on February 5, 1995, the show was aired live inside the Delta Theater, ABS’ answer to GMA’s Broadway Centrum, with the birthday of Martin Nievera being celebrated as his guests sang most of his signature songs. What a way to start the show! And little by little, they began to defeat rival GMA Supershow in the ratings (FACT: GMA Supershow was the undisputed #1 Sunday noontime show from 1978 to 1995, even though there were other rivals like IBC/ABS’ Sa Linggo nAPO Sila and RPN’s Spin-A-Win and Family Kwarta o Kahon) which led to the show’s demise giving way to Sobrang Okay, Pare! (which is now known as SOP, which will end in late February). The show even had many innovative things such as segments such as Dayanara Torres’ Sayaw Nara and even a theme song and the rest is history.

The succeeding years became challenging for them, as they underwent several hosting changes, studios, titles, and yes—even controversies. One major controversy of the show was from an episode from  1998 wherein Martin Nievera, one of the show’s hosts, suddenly cried on national television as he declared that his wife, Pops, have martial problems, as he tearfully resigned from the sow. Hunk actor Richard Gomez replaced him for the mean time.  And the show’s ratings went stronger——-a testament which still happens until today.

And as the 15th anniversary celebration of ASAP continues, ASAP brings to you Jabbawockeez! and 4 Minutes this Sunday.

(FYI, I already know this for a long time, researcher syndrome ‘no?)

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