by JA Conde
May 10, 2010, a busy and tiring day for most of our fellow countrymen. This is the “D-day” for most of the asping candidates who wanted to try some of the most respective positions in our beloved country. These people deserve what they wanted as this election serves as a new era for our county, the 15th congress to be exact.

This is our first automated national elections and to be honest, this is quite challenging for most of us. Why? Because we are very doubtful if the PCOS machine from Smartmatic works functionally well as we’ve seen in the news, some don’t even work well, but despite some problems occurring, this marks a brand new style in voting as voting goes easier unlike before, you need to memorize the names of candidates.

As I woke up after a long day celebrating the big day for my mom, I quickly watched the “high-tech and very innovative coverage” of ABS-CBN as they would usually show news on some candidates for “head of state” voting, or sometimes the PCOS machine. And so as other networks, who has really prepared well for this coverage, especially the “very credible” GMA-7. Talk about the augmented reality and the touch-screen technology that already exists with CNN, especially during the 2008 US elections which featured incumbent US Pres. Barack Obama vs. John McCain. To be honest, GMA has the credibility while ABS-CBN has the technology which is pretty obvious.

As the transmission of number of votes begin, a number of surprises happened.

First, Jejomar Binay topped Mar Roxs for the VP position. This was the biggest to date to the extent that Roxas led the surveys all the way to the v-day. What made Binay beat Roxas? His endorsement to the “very dependable” Chiz Escudero, who has recently betryed Joseph Estrada, who has evolved him into a politician and the creator of NoyBi movement. This really says that Escudero is an effective endorser.

Second, Edu Manzano got a thousand of votes. Man, I didn’t even expect Manzano getting the appeal of the people, I just thought he would get 500 votes since this guy was just a waste. At the prime of his career, Gibo would get him as his “VP” (or should I say, Gibo’s “recruited endorser”) and made Manzano’s perfect career would come to an end (I just heard in the news that if he ever loses, his showbiz career is over). Bust.

And last but not the least, KBL presidential bet, Vetellano Acosta surprisingly got as many votes as he didn’t expect. You might remember that he was disqualified by his own VP bet, broadcaster-commentator Jay Sonza because Acosta himself was a nuisance candidate and wasn’t even a registered voter. Well those votes are supposedly counted to Noynoy Aquino, since he himself also had a mistake. We all know that his ads mostly contains of his legacy with his parents and some sort of black propaganda, why didn’t he declare his ballot number? Was it because he’s having too much pride of his parents or what? I suggest to the COMELEC (especially James Jimenez, ehem) to count Acosta’s votes and give to Aquino since their surname stars with the same letter.

As for the senatoriables, most of them were re-electionists, and only two were (so far, as of 11PM) newbies——Marcos and Guingona. Some don’t even deserve a position, especially Lapid and Revilla, who has done nothing and just won because of fame as action stars despite both having a political experience. Uugh, now this is really life.

And who can forget Erap not voting Binay? Accoring to him, it was just an “old-Senior citizen mistake” as he incidentally forgotten him. He even forgot to vote for his own son and one of PMP’s senatoriables. Man, I’d rather doubt about this.

Now this is just the first day, fate would change in the next few days, as we say, in the end of the day, we’re still people and this is still life. Hope to have a peaceful and sober elections!

(NOTE: My views and expressed opinions are not reflected by the people who are involved in this elections.)

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