by JA Conde

The countdown to NBA Finals begins! A dream rematch for the ages. A timeless rivalry  no one cannot watch. Two teams collide for one trophy. And this year, two teams who are already familiar in this stage will face each other again——–the Boston Celtics and the defending NBA Champions, the Los Angeles Lakers.


Both teams have already faced each other, with Celtics winning majority of the series, and the last one was in 2008 wherein the Celtics won the title in 6 crucial games, which saved the team’s identity and integrity, thanks to its then-two new players——Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen along with the improving Paul Pierce.


This season, both teams have 1-apiece during head-to-head match up. The first game was Kobe’s game while the second game belongs to the C’s, who defeated the Kobe-less Lakers by a point last February. Now the question is, can the C’s (short term for Celtics) win it all even they never defeated the Kobe-dominated Lakers or the Lakers repeat?

This season, the Lakers were one of the top picks to win the bacon this year by getting the services of Ron Artest being the defensive ace of  the Lakers. As expected, the Lakers climbed to the top as they ended having 57-25 during that season. In the playoffs, they faced three undarrated opponents in Oklahoma City Thunder (who appeared in the postseason for the first time), Utah Jazz, and Phoenix Suns, whom they finally deafeted in a series since that 2007 1st round turmoil.

Celtics, on the other hand were in the verge of bringing back their pride and prove the doubters regarding the One-hit wonders. First was to get veteran asset Rasheed Wallace to strengthen the bench. At first, they were in perfect form until some players were hounded by injuries and age. Losing streaks and defeats to lesser-known teams began to appear as instead of a 6o-win season, they ended up 50-32 instead. In the playoffs, they single-handedly defeated the Miami Heat led by Dwayne Wade in 5 games. Next round was a very challenging as they faced the best NBA team this season, the Cleveland Cavaliers, but they were surprisingly knocked out by the C’s in the East Semis in 6 games thanks to the improvement of unsung player Rajon Rondo. The next level was the Eastern Conference finals, this time facing the then-defending East Conf. champions Orlando Magic, and the first three games belonged to Celtics until the Magic got their correct spell as they won the next two before Nate Robinson closed the series in Game 6.


Honestly, it is very hard to choose between the two teams since they are well-balanced teams as far as I know. But with this, the C’s might win their 18th title, and we’ve seen them knocking out the best NBA players in town——Wade, James, Howard and now Bryant, let’s just see if they can bet this scoring machine. One more key in Celtics’ en route to the Finals is the improving Rajon Rondo, who eventually became an asset in the system of Coach Doc Rivers, remember his triple-double performance during hthe Game 5 of the NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals? Now that’s my proof! He might overplay the aging Derek Fisher, who in fairness is also an asset to Lakers’ 4 NBA championships in the past decade.

And lastly, expect Celtics’ defense and its powerful bench core to make Kobe miserable in seven crucial games.


Now this series has many questions that will be asked in this series. Let’s enjoy the series and see the thrill of the NBA finals exclusively on Solar TV and BTV. Game 1 is in Friday Morning. Rumos are circulating that Alex Compton will be assigned to cover the NBA finals as broadcasters in the Philippines. No final line-up is confirmed. In the next few days, I’ll tweet it and check this site for further details.


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    • December 11th, 2010

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