Time passes by, for real. It’s time to go farther. After two years, my doubters proved me wrong, yes I had rough start, but I made a point to be updated with each and everyone of you by improving my writing skills and giving you the latest news yet. How far I’ve gone!

It all started one night in 28th of August 2008, when I registered an account here and so the rest is history. Prior to this, I had a Blogspot account which was a failure, until I thought of using this. My blog here was first titled Inside the Court, but fears of a lawsuit forced me to change title in late December the same year and it is still used up to this day. At first, I failed to get the attention of the readers, but when I made an entry on current DLSU assistant coach Jack Santiago and Basketball commentator Mico Halili, my blog started to get immense popularity among students, bloggers, and PExers (whom I’ll give a credit to my success). And throughout the two years, I also had ups and downs after my success with my entry on Jack Santiago.

Generally, I sometimes fail to give my readers an update yet I still did my best by exploring different ways to catch the attention of the readers. And  one more thing that I failed in writing is not writing it a few hours after, instead, I’ll write it a few days. I admit I’m not really a sportswriter, but an aspirant, I’m also sometimes busy, getting busy with other works like computer works and school , so that’s why I usually write some articles in a few days or in a few times, a few weeks. Now, throughout my two years here, many competitors began creating a blog (even mine was a moderate success) and they’ve succeeded me, maybe because they’re older and more obsessed on blogging than me. I guess they just got their right time to be popular. I admit I sometimes feel bad when a blog succeeds my blog, e.g a blog of this sportswriter succeeded me, that made me feel bad. Alright, I’ll do my best, for real, in this year.

Don’t get me wrong, even if this wasn’t really successful, this blog is like my journal, and I always get better as times evolves. I would like to thank to the people who’ve made my blog successful, my loyal readers, and my classmate for giving me an opportunity to join here (She had her WordPress account a few months prior to me). Hindi naman kita ginagaya eh, wala lang curious lang ako. Happy Anniversary to me!

More updates to come! Miss Universe and Rolando Mendoza, up next!



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