Okay. I admit I am a southpaw, or more commonly known as left-handed. And to tell you, I’m very proud of it! Being a lefty may be different, but in  a way, we lefties are unique. A belief says that a southpaw is usually smart and I can attest to that. That doesn’t necessarily mean I am that smart, but it’s somewhat general. Alright, let me give you a brief list about a lefty.

Being lefty does literally mean a person gets something, or writes something with left hand. Also, it is being used in sports, but some southpaw athletes aren’t really that southpaw. And one more thing, the day for the lefties, also known as National Lefthanders Day is held at August 13. And most lefties celebrate it with grace and pride.

Today, let me tell you something about a lefty and Juan Dela Cruz. Not really a story, but a brief analysis. Being a lefty in the Philippines is rare, and only 500,000 people are lefties, almost half of our population. Today, here’s my list of the lefties who are full-blooded Filipinos:

1. DJ Jeffrey Espiritu a.k.a Mr Fu

2. Pops Fernandez

3. Joseph Estrada

4. Edu Manzano and Vilma Santos

5. Kristine Hermosa

6. Erwin Tulfo

7. Che-che Lazaro

More to come!

BONUS: Want some international celebrities? Here we go!


Barack Obama

Lamar Odom

Aries Spears

Jon Stewart

Oprah Winfrey

Julia Roberts

George Michael

Kurt Rambis

David Robinson

Brian Hill

Larry Bird

Here’s the complete list just in case.

By the way, just a footnote, please write a comment below this article about some Pinoy left-handed people you know that I didn’t mention in this article. Thanks! -/pepman

  1. ERRATUM: I still have more lefties to be listed and here they are:
    Arnold Vegafria
    Toni Kukoc

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