Courtesy of Robyn Beck/Getty Images

November 13, 2010. The day Filipinos won the hearts of every nation. This was the day Manny Pacquiao won the WBC Welterweight Championship against the “reborn” Antonio Margarito at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas. The fight ended in 12 rounds, with a final score of 120-108.

Pacquiao is in his usual form. His small stature made an advantage of escaping from Margarito cornering him as he was doing some strategies, too. Alas, he also punched him near the right eye. And finally, Filipinos are as usual, are very proud of him, and so do I.

Manny, congratulations, and please face that Mayweather guy.

(PS: The fight had a funny part, too. During the post-fight interview, Manny actually said something funny, and it goes something like this:

“I’m trying to psycho him.”

That made me laugh. He exerted effort (in speaking English) huh? YT Video?

Check out 1:14 That’s it!)

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