AUGUST 26, 2008

Three years! Oh yes, three years! Time flew so fast. Indeed. Of all the three years I’ve been spending my time on updating the latest and the trendiest around the planet, I started to lose my interest on updating the latest around the metro, and lately, not even so often unlike before. Is this because as we get older, our interests would also change? We can say that. In my case, being fond of something is one of the few things I often change, from sports to music to comedy, you name it. Wow, I think I lied to the fact that I should update more that I should have been. (Yeah, I said that a year ago. Peep out my last anniversary entry)

Another factor may be yes, my move to Canada. As I’ve said last January, adjusting to the diverse culture of Canada put me into a test of challenge. Fortunately, I already climbed the top and is, as of this moment, ready to face more tasks in order to succeed in Canada. Genius eh?

I cannot promise but I guess I’ll just keep my blog by posting updates once or twice a month instead. All those factors carry me everyday and seriously, I kinda hate it. For now, here’s some of the news tidbits I have read and heard throughout my “writer’s block” (Oh yes, this one. That syndrome is a big factor, too. Okay.)



* NBA still has a lockout and a new season in October is surely in doubt. Meanwhile, they have given joy to most Filipino basketball fans as they visited Manila, especially when a cluster of NBA superstars visited Manila to face the PBA All-Star selection and Smart Gilas where Kobe Bryant and company knocked them in both of those games. We’ll also include the latest visit of Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, who visited our country for the  third time.

* Congratulations to the Petron Blaze Blazers for winning the 2011 PBA Governor’s Cup after defeating the Talk ‘N Text Tropang Texters. The seven-game series was obviously a crucial one, especially the Texters were on their way to join Crispa, San Miguel, and Alaska as the only PBA squads to win the Grandslam. Too bad they wrapped up the season losing to the Blazers, but still, their hardwork was paid off. Big cheers to them, especially to Jimmy Alapag (2010-2011 PBA MVP)!

* RANDOM STUFF: VMAs yesterday? Amazing. 8/10 eh? ; Aragon to RP? Not bad.(More to come.)

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