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Image source: NBA/Yahoo/Getty

by Pepeton Conde

Okay, I know I should not be writing much about current events, but this month of February has brought several events that relate to my interests. One is the NBA All-Star weekend, which will be kicking off in a few hours. Then there’s the Love month, which February’s most known for. Apart from that, lots of sneakers have begun to release in different parts of the world. Lastly, the month of February, 2012, created an  bizarre impact for a 23-year old who never knew destiny and luck would bring him to fame and immediate success. His name is Jeremy Lin.

This Taiwanese-born American surely felt humbled about his unprecedented popularity, but would you believe that Knicks stalwart actually slept on his brother’s couch days before he took the world by storm? Sure, it may sound ironic, but once Lin broke out in a February 4 game vs. New Jersey, he brought back the Knicks to life by scoring 25 points, much to the surprise of the entire organization. The major turning point of his continuing rise to stardom became evident  six days after when he faced the Lakers and led the Melo-less Knicks to a victory, which even included praises from two LA stars—-Metta World Peace and Kobe Bryant. Prior to Lin, the Knicks struggled throughout the season, finding it difficult to clinch a playoff sport, especially with a record like  8-15, it seemed impossible to achieve greatness until the Harvard alumnus brought relevance to the team itself. Currently, they are ranked at the #7 spot of the Eastern Conference with 17-18.

To coincide with Lin’s sudden turnaround, our online friends began to institutionalize a “Lin” bandwagon that became viral in a matter of time. Heck they even played a few English words to associate his inspiring success, with Insanity becoming LINsanity the most commonly-used word. Not only did Lin caught the attention of social media, even a few celebrities and other basketball-related people such as famed film director Spike Lee and Kentucky’s head tactician John Calipari. As a matter of fact, Sports Illustrated, a well-known weekly sports magazine gave an insight on his real life, even putting him as their cover boy for two straight weeks. A crust known as the SI Curse indicate that whenever someone appears on a SI cover, then the athlete would be jinxed by suffering consequences. To concede at the game thrice (New Jersey, Atlanta, Miami), Lin’s current scenario could possibly be synonymous to that so-called curse. Lastly, the 6’3” slasher’s hardwork have paid off by participating at the Rookie-Sophomore challenge yesterday, an event he wasn’t originally chosen to begin with.Shaquille O’ Neal served as his coach throughout the game.His squad lost the game, but surely Lin might have enjoyed that night.

Truly, Jeremy Lin’s rise to fame inspired us to believe in our dreams and keep the faith. Personally, I wish him luck for the second half of the season.

RIP by the way to Whitney Houston. And to light up some matters, here’s a humorous way to enter Harvard.