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Images and Content: Courtesy of YouTube, ABS-CBN, and (Chris Cozzone)

For Filipinos, every November is a celebration, but not this time. Last Saturday was a disastrous one, for about ½ of them. Manny Pacquiao, the people’s champ defeated Juan Manuel Marquez in a crucial match that caused a lot of boxing fans to react about the said fight.

Throughout the fight, both fighters gave their best shot as all of their hardwork have paid off, wrapping up the fight being strong by the final round. A new, but allegedly weaker Manny Pacquiao showed up that night with the classic hit “Eye of the Tiger” as his theme song. There were some highlights, too, such as both boxers giving each other some strong punches that motivated them to win it all, save for one moment.

During the tenth round, Marquez’s trainer, Nacho Beristain told the boxer that he’s winning the fight, which ended in an irony. Marquez even gracefully clenched his fists as he rose like a tiger and showed the world that he’s better than Manny Pacquiao. Then the final decision was announced as it turned out, he trailed Manny by two points, 115-113.

With that, some Mexican fans booed Pacquiao due to the desicion. Even some Filipinos and alike were disappointed with the decision. The common thing about them is that Marquez was the real winner of the said fight, and that Bob Arum allegedly paid the judges. We might remember that Arum already has a history of fixing boxing matches. (Watch the complete series, for you to be aware about this guy, or should I say a douchebag.)

This is pretty for sure, he might fight Floyd Mayweather on May 5 of 2012. As Pacquiao once said on the post-fight interview, “Let’s get it on.” The so-called “dream match” is coming. I hope so. A fourth Marquez-Pacquiao match might be in the works, too.

I’d like to congratulate him anyway, despite all of the controversies surrounding around him lately, on and off ring. Mabuhay ka, Manny! Kaya mo ‘yan!