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It’s new day shining into our lives, and so as I am. It’s like June to me now, because this would be my first time to enter my future school, the Operation Brotherhood Montessori Corporation, Greenhills Branch. 2 hectic weeks of struggles and happiness, I love studying here!

Haha, it all started when I see a hundred of strangers, then came the CAT people and the flag ceremony (Which happens eveyday.). Hooo hah! That’s how CAT people shout, they’re like cheering, because they train everyday under Mr. Dela Pena or sometimes, Mr. J.M Capistrano. CAT, by the way, is the High School version of the usual Boy Scout and Girl Scout.

Now back to the topic, I went there as a virtually unknown student. Then came introductions, I saw some classmates (We’re actually mix, there are 24 incoming 1st yr. students, 3 2nd yr. students, and a 3rd yr. student, all came from other schools. And some will study in Greenhills -including me- then some from Sta. Ana).

By the way, my first friend is Marlon Mandane, the one who has shaved his hair lately, then came Charles, Roy, the 2 Joshuas, then some girls such as Alyssa and Micah (OT: She called me hamon -Tagalog term for Ham, a food-, funy though 🙂 ).

Then came touring some of the facilities, and yeah, they’re beautiful. And here’s more decent about the school, the students usually shake hands when they greet someone. After those, there are some orientations, lessons and seatworks of the respective subjects. By the way, our subjects include TLE, Math, Language, Cultural Arts, and Leadership Training (The CAT).

Our teachers include Mrs. Ruth Dotimas, Mrs. Ellen Suva, Mrs. Charmaine Apo, and Mr. Capistrano. My favorite here is Mr. Capistrano, he’s strict but funny, ditto with his green jokes.

And yeah, this experience is overwhelming, infact I even admired some girls (I’ll never tell!). Haha, just kidding, it’s really good. Hanggang sa June na lang! Miss you guys!


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ni Jose Conde

Pasensya na sa late na post. Si Ted Failon ang naging sentro ng mga balita sa ngayon, dahil sa kanyang personal na buhay.

Si Mario Teodoro Failon Etong, o mas kilala bilang Ted Failon, ay isang batikan na broadkaster sa Pilipinas. Siya ay isang dating congressman sa .

Pero sa isang normal na araw, ay biglang nagulat ang buong Pilipinas at tumingin kay Ted Failon. Ika-15 ng Abril, taong 2009, ay umalis si Ted galing sa DZMM studio sa oras na 10:16 ng um

aga, mas maaga sa kanyang regular na oras ng pag-alis sa studio na 10:30 ng umaga.

Nagiisip tuloy ang mga tagapakinig niya kung bakit siya maaga umalis, yun pala ay may isang krimen na ang nangyayari dito, ang kanyang asawa na si Trinidad Arteche Etong ay nakahandusay sa comfort room. Pagkatapos nito ay sinugod ni Failon ang kanyang asawa sa New Era General Hospital, malapit sa kanyang bahay sa Quezon City. Habang hinahatid ni Failon ang kanyang asawa, nililinis naman ng mga yaya at driver ng batikan na newscaster ang krimen para di matensyon si Karishma, bunsong anak ng newscaster.

Habang nasa ospital, ang PNP ay hininitay rin, bagamat maraming mga theorya tungkol dito, pinatunayan niya na di niya pinatay ang kanyang asawa, sapagkat siya pa nga ay umiiyak sa isang interview niya sa ABS-CBN. Patunay? ginawa niya ang Paraffin test at siya ay negative.

Nang sumunod na araw, si Trina ay biglang namatay sa Suicide, bagamat siya ay hindi gumamit ng baril. Iyak at lungkot, yan ang nangyayari sa angkan ni Failon nang mga araw na iyon.

Pero ang mga pulis, target pa rin si Failon. May isang tsimis na kung saan nagtawanan ang mga pulis habang ginagawa nila ang Paraffin test. Pero tanggi pa rin si Failon, kahit anong mangyari, sinabi niya pa nga na naapektuhan rin ng isyu ang kanyang trabaho at tungkulin bilang broadcaster at sinabi niya rin na wag siyang panirain ng kahit sino.

Nang nilibing na si Trina Etong, gumawa ng isang nakaka-iyak na statement tungkol sa kanyang buhay. Sinabi niya na kung di raw siya rerespetuhin, gagawin niya rin ang ginawa ng kanyang asawa.

Sa ngayon, si Failon ay nag-aadjust pa sa kanyang buhay bilang isang biyudo. Hanggang dito na lang.


by Jose Anotinio A. Conde

The National Champions

Tar Heel pride baby! UNC Tar Heels won its 5th National Championship over MSU Spartans in Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan last Monday evening (Tuesday morning on Phil. time), with the score of 89-72, in favor of UNC.

UNC had a glorious championship season this year. Prior to the start of the season, they were already chosen as the predicted champions, due to intact and powerful line-up led by Tyler Hansbrough, Wayne Ellington, Ty Laswson, and Danny Green. And from start to finish, they have proven to be on top, having a 34-4 record, only to lose to ACC rivals Maryland, Wake Forest, Boston College, and Florida State. This was their last championship since 2005, which had Sean May, Marvin Williams, David Noel, Rashad McCants, and Raymond Felton.

MSU, on the other hand, were actually a suprise of the tournament. Led by Goran Suton and Kailin Lucas, they have upsetted tougher teams like Louisville and UConn. Tom Izzo was shocked at their unexpected performance, but they came short to the championship. If they already won this, then this would be their 3rd NCAA crown.

As the game goes by, a record-breaking all-time crowd of 72, 922 was held at the Ford Field, with the attendance of some NBA legends like Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, John Stockton, and David Robinson. By the way, Bird and Magic were at the center court prior to the game for the gameball toss. Both Johnson and Bird celebrated their 30th anniversary NCAA championship match, which featured Indiana State (Bird’s alma mgater) and Michigan State (Magic’s alma mater), wherein the Spartans won the crown.

The game was entirely an UNC show, as MSU cannot trail them in both periods. Most of the UNC players contributed a lot,  as Coach Tom Izzo of the MSU Spartans cannot make a solution to UNC’s run. He tried everything, but he came short. The game would even had 10+ leads, held by UNC. By the way, UNC made an all-time record by scoring 55 points in the 1st Half.

The best player of the game was Ty Lawson, scoring 21 pts.,  4 rebs., and 6 asts., while Wayne Ellington won the Most Outstanding Player.

By the way, I have to share you something, from YouTube, here’s the 2009 edition of the One Shining Moment, sang by Luther Vandross, a tradition used since 1987. Condolences to Mr. Doug Towey , the man behind the video.