Okay, I’ve realized that I’ve been not posting any blog entries since I celebrated my second year here about a few months ago. Now, it’s time for me to speak out the truth and get things started again.

First and foremost, I said in my 2nd anniversary article that I would post as more updates as I can, but unfortunately, I never did it due to a few reasons. One is undergoing a massive transition. I never told most of my readers that I have already moved to Canada with my family last June, so it’s quite hard to update my blog since most of my “resources” have been left in my home country—–those blogs and news websites, and I also lost my interest in searching for the latest news since I’m not used to the way Canadians define the term “journalism”.

And one more thing, I started being more obsessed with sneakers, which is primarily associated with Tumblr. As you can remember, I started my sneaker blog over a year ago, and the site eventually evolved into an upstart Tumblr site full of reblogged Air Jordans with matching pictures connected to the sneaker lifestyle  and the street culture itself. The more I became addicted with shoes, the more I lose my interest to update people, which I fully regretted.

Now since I never updated each and everyone of you since that Miss Universe controversy, I’ll finally mention a brief perspective on all the things that had happened to our country since I’ve been busy. Bad news first. The Dominguez brothers, whose faces have been in the front pages of the newspaper lately has been accused of various crimes, mainly carnapping. It has been said that they killed two men, one of which is the son of a politician. Aside from that, a new sports has rebirth here in the Philippines———the Philippine Azkals, our national team in Soccer. Led by the Younghusband brothers, the team received “media hype” and ended up losing. In fairness to them, Soccer in the Philippines started to earn its own reputation by boosting popularity among all classes, and I’m sure TheClockWorks8 of PEx is certainly proud for them. How about good news? Here’s this 17-year-old beauty named Danica Flores Magpantay, who won the 2010 Ford Supermodels competition, and made our country very proud. How’s that? She’s truly a real Filipina beauty. (TRIVIA: Her mom, Lala Flores also won the competition twenty-one years ago. Today, she’s an in-demend make-up artist to some Filipino actors/actresses). And that would conclude my paragraph. Eto lang ang natandaan ko, eh.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Now wait for my next blog entry.

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